What’s another year?

What’s another year?

I am a bit late into 2017 with this update, or any update for that matter. I’ve been very quiet on the illustration front since late Oct-Dec. I had a large illustration project on since the summer and that kept me pretty occupied until then, so my absence was more of a hiatus. We had our second child. With the birth of a second child brings less hours in the day, but as they get older the time slowly comes back into your own hands. The aim is to be as productive as possible for 2017.

Creative Initiative

Creativity wise, I was proud to be one of the founders of the creative initiative fuse:d. It was born out of the need and desire for a wider design and creative community in the South East region. For its first year we managed to host some pretty decent events for something so fledgeling. It was really refreshing to see that creatives across the SE had the same passion about their craft as we shared. 2017 will hopefully bring even more events and opportunities to expand.

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Welcome 2020 - photo by Dewang GuptaDewang Gupta