Welcome 2020 and the year ahead

Welcome 2020

2010-19 have been very special years for me both professionally and personally. Also there had been some low times along the way, but as I get older, it seems natural to expect these things. I’ve decided as I meander into a new decade that I will become more regular with my blogging. The latter half of the decade was probably my most stressful, so I’ll use that as my get out of jail clause in this instance.

What to expect from this blog?

I’ve always been a fan of creative blogs that share personal experiences as well as professional endeavours. I enjoy blogs that give an insight into the creatives personality, not just the work. Brian Byrne does a great job combining both the personal and professional, I’d recommend his blog feed. Jessica Hische as always been a “go back and feel depressed / inspired” blog for me. Well worth a view.
 In conclusion, please feel free to engage with me here or on my social platforms. I promise to keep this up as frequently as possible.

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Welcome 2020 - photo by Dewang GuptaDewang Gupta