Waterford Viking Marathon 2015 and more!

I hate(d) running

Well, I hate it a little less now, but back in June of this year I completed my first (and last) marathon. 26.2 miles of horribleness at the Waterford Viking Marathon. 2 weeks prior to the event my foot decided to get a dose of Plantar Fasciitis, a runners injury. I had to get acupuncture for the 2 week leading up so as you can imagine, running a marathon on an injury was even worse! Passing the finish line was the best I have to admit.

My final time was 5.01 hours, If I didn’t have my injury I maybe might have shaved a lot more minutes off that. A lot of my free time was consumed training for this event, so getting regular work up proved tricky, so I’m happy to say it’s back to business.

Passing the finish line was the best I have to admit.


Prior to the marathon I had a lovely holiday in Lake Garda, Verona and Venice Italy. It was great to get some sun and some wine and sketchbook time in! Venice in particular was one of the most interesting cities I’ve ever been to – structurally and logistically mind boggling!


More recently I exhibited a piece into PalFest, a local and also national event in sympathy for the plight of the Palestinian people. My piece was simply about “Peace”. The prayer you see on it is the Hebrew prayer of peace translated to English. The Soldier is both Israeli and Palestinian. The undertone is death.

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