This is Forty

Life begins at forty yeah?

In June I turned 40. With all the restrictions that were happening around Covid-19, I couldn’t celebrate it as large as say my thirtieth. Nevertheless I still had a great time with family and friends. I’m not a fan of birthdays anyway, so for me it wasn’t a huge deal. In reflection of my 40 years on this planet, below are list of important caveats I have learned, mainly reflecting around my design career.
1. Try to eliminate stress: When I was a junior designer, I was always pretty stressed and didn’t take pressure well. Now I’m a lot more relaxed in general, with the odd bouts of a meltdown.

2. Perfection does not exist: It took me a long time to realise this fact.
Nobody is perfect and mistakes will be made, and I’ve made my fair share. The important thing is to acknowledge them, learn as best as you can from them and move on.

3. It’s ok to be anxious and depressed at times: This was an even harder thing for me to realise and only figured out that these emotions existed within me close to 40. It’s important to keep your mental health in check.

4. Try and enjoy the little things: A lot easier said than done. Focussing your energy on non life enhancing endeavours or projects negates your view from the small stuff – which is normally the most important.

5. Get away from the screen: Again, an incredibly hard thing to do but I find it essential during the work day. Even walk away to the couch or another room. Start sketching on a pad, do a few stretches or push ups. It’s amazing how the mind refocuses when you do go back to your desk.
Here i am looking like a dope posing for the camera

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