Social Distancing and Coronavirus

Ma ma ma my Corona

Covid-19 Coronavirus has finally made its way to us from China. It has been a surreal last few days, I have been working from home remotely. I usually work from home at least 1 day a week, so I’m used to the transition, but with all the family in isolation too it can be tricky.

Crisis and Opportunity

In crisis, there is always opportunity. I’ve already seen businesses and people trying to profit off this pandemic by selling overpriced hand sanitisers and face masks. Thinking about design and marketing, what opportunities arise here? The main one that struck me was the opportunity to strategise our own communications and get ready for the calm. I think this applies to all businesses. Restaurants for example need to set out clear objectives and strategies on how they can recover lost business and regain trust from a customer base that’ll be still on tenderhooks.


My sketchbook has proven to be a great asset in times like this and I’ve enjoyed just focusing intently on creating. The sketch here is message about staying at home during this pandemic. This has been the strangest St.Patrick’s day in memory. Normally I’d be looking forward to seeing friends and family and having a few pints, but today it’s just been isolation. No parades. No pubs. I’m really looking forward to getting some normality back.
Social Distancing with the Coronavirus

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