War of the Two Kings

Battle of the Boyne

The second offering from Moccu Press, War of the Two Kings, written by Dermot Poyntz and illustrated by Lee Grace brings the Williamite War in Ireland to life through 48 pages of full-colour graphic novel glory. It covers the war from James II’s landing in Kinsale in 1689, to the Siege of Derry, the Battle of the Boyne, and the Siege of Limerick in 1690.

Catholic James II and the Protestant William of Orange

“This novel tells the fascinating story of the Catholic James II and the Protestant William of Orange, who fought a war to decide who would be king of England, Ireland and Scotland. Being a graphic novel may make this book more appealing for many young adults and teenagers to read. I think that if books like these about Irish history were available in both primary and secondary schools it would benefit the students and the subject. I certainly found reading this book much easier and more enjoyable than reading about the subject in a history text book from school.” Avril Coy (aged 17)

Irish history through the medium of the graphic novel

Avril’s opinion is certainly in line with that of the author, Dermot Poyntz, who says: “The purpose of presenting Irish history through the medium of the graphic novel is to make it accessible to all. Often children have an interest in history, but are put off by text heavy books. Also, adults may not have the time or inclination to approach the subject. Moccu Press titles provide a solution in full-colour graphic novel glory.”

Moccu Press was founded in 2010 by NUI, Galway, graduate Dermot Poyntz, who holds a BA in English and history, and an MA in literature and publishing. Dermot served with 3 Cav Squadron for nine years and has had previous work published in An Cosantóir. Dermot’s other titles include Curse of Cromwell: The Siege and Plight of the Wild Geese. For more information: Email moccupress@yahoo.com. Web: moccupress.com Facebook: facebook.com/moccupress

As reviewed in the November 2013 issue of An Cosantóir (The Defender) The Irish Defence Forces Magazine by Sgt Wayne Fitzgerald – dfmagazine.ie – military.ie

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