Searching in the Yukon


Illustration and words © Lee Grace
The chase lasted more than 2 days. He never thought it would carry him this far into the Northwest territories of the Yukon. After traversing the snowy plains near Peel river along the foot of the ridges, he spotted it again. This time there was no mistake. It was what everyone had feared it would be. Standing right there, no more than 250 metres away from him, it raised its head. The sunlight broke through the clouds, making the beast seem almost etheral. “Far from it”, he thought, as he slowly removed the safety from his rifle. Confidence in your equipment is key. In this environment, anything can happen. There’s no time for gun jams or flim flams now.

His clip held five .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, military grade, for long distance kills. If anything was going to stop it, these rounds were a solid bet. The biggest mistake he made however, was leaving his long range rifle scope back in the RV. It was literally that fast of a decision to make. An opporunity like this could not be squandered, so he had to move ultra fast. He drew a bead for its torso, again, not concerned about a head shot, this had to be perfect.

Touching the trigger with delicate poise, he inhaled a slow but deep breath, and at the last of the exhale, he squeezed…

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Searching in the Yukon
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