A Prescription for Health and Happiness

Inner Happiness

A series of book illustrations and cover design for Dr. Mark Rowes book: A Prescription for Health and Happiness. The book is all about empowering your inner happiness, health and above all, enriching your life.

Within the book there are 14 dwarves mentioned which are used as emotional metaphors. The negative dwarves, such as fear, anger and envy – and the positive dwarves, such as joy, love and inspiration. I created 14 custom characters for each feeling.

For the book cover, I wanted it to have as much going on and points of interest as possible. I observed that whole theme of this book is like “an emotional journey” so I used that as my concept. The character starts in the negative emotions at the bottom of the hill and slowly makes his way to the top of the hill, completing his journey – a very positive tone

Other Illustrations that may be of interest…