No Social Media: Day 46 – End of lent

I made it!

Well I made it. Zero casualties. Zero attempts to look at any of my social media platforms. What have I learned – Not that much actually, in fact I learned less than what I usually would, for example missing most of the worlds happenings by days! It’s funny how much information we can digest from a source like Twitter for example. I’ve also learned that I have a strong enough willpower to stay off these platforms for 46 days. Although to be honest, there was never any real “cravings” to have a look, not as much as I thought there would be anyway.


Productivity wise, I was actually shocked how little extra I got done! I thought I’d focus my attention more on side projects, hobbies etc but the extra time wasn’t put in there as much. Still trying to figure out where it all went! I did manage to get extra sketchbook time. Yesterday I made a contact in the states for a possible illustration deal which I am very excited about. Hopefully I can reveal more as time goes on.

Again, technically it would have been ok for me to complete the challenge on day 40, but seeing the whole Sabbath day 46 day rule thing I decided to wait it out until Easter Sunday. For anyone who has been keeping up with my progress, thanks for reading. I won’t be doing this again! Now, on to the login screen…

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Welcome 2020 - photo by Dewang GuptaDewang Gupta