Social Media break: Day 35

Social Media Break

Day 35 rolls on and still out of the social loop completely! Only heard about the Alpine plane crash via word of mouth the other day! I’m thinking, wait, only 5 days left in this lent based challenge – yet easter Sunday is on the 5th of April… didn’t Jesus fast for 40 days and nights? This prompted an internet search and apparently the period is 46 days instead of 40. 40 is the correct amount but because the Jews rested on the Sabbath etc it messed it all up – religion eh! Here’s the source link 

New Map Work

I started work on a new map in Márla, based on Tramore town. I think most Waterfordians have a fondness for Tramore so it was a really fun one to work on so far. The sketch grew and grew so the image you see it multiple oversized graph pages combined.

Here is a sketchbook  entry that I quite like too. Inspired maybe because I’m going to see Chappie soon?

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Welcome 2020 - photo by Dewang GuptaDewang Gupta