Giving up Social Media for Lent

Give up Social Media for Lent

I’ve decided to give up social media for Lent. Sounds like a typical first world problem, which inherently it is, however, of late I have noticed that my consumption of social media through both my iPhone and iMac has got out of control. We are so glued to technology these days that it’s never out of reach, we are ALWAYS connected and a feeling of disconnect is now apparent in our lives. I feel that my freedom to create outside of work gets effected by the piece of expensive plastic in my pocket – so as of the morning of the 18th February 2015 i’m going offline for 40 days, “just like Jesus did” (sic).

Facebook Deactivation

My plan is to post updates here as journaling my progress. I will be removing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram from my phone, leaving only Flickr (for sketchbook updates) and Facebook pages (for work related posts only). I may be deactivating my Facebook account for the 40 days also, so if I it looks like i’m no longer a friend, please don’t be offended!


As regards expected outcomes are concerned? I hope to see a lot more work done in my sketchbooks. At the moment i’m quite frequent, but nowhere near as much as I’d prefer. That’s my overall goal, however I’m very interested to see what other changes this small adjustment may bring, especially within the family dynamic.

Would anyone want to join me on this first world problem mission?

PS: Any updates you may see through twitter or LinkedIn will be automatic from this blog only!

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