Feeding the Creative Beast

Creative Peak

As we approach April, I find that my mind seems to awaken from a foggy Winter slumber and its time to start feeding the Creative Beast. My creative peak, I feel, would be the Summer months. Maybe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or in this case Seasonal Affective Design Disorder (SADD). Or perhaps I’m just a Seasonal Affective Design Disorder Observer (SADDO).

Point being, I find that this time of year is also my most reflective. I start to look after myself physically and engage the brain in some sort of extra curricular activity. Sometimes I think diet is a major player in S.A.D / creative block. I’ve always been very keen on diet and what foods are optimal for human beings. Having worked with Daniel Vitalis on his new book illustrations, while also being a regular listener of his podcast, I gradually became aware of the true connection between a proper diet and how the true human (homo sapiens sapiens) are connected. Does it not make sense that we should look at what really is optimal fuel for our vessel?

Actual Food for Thought

Coming out of the Winter slumber also means aligning my diet and trying to get that on track. A good friend of mine, Cian Foley recently published a book called “Don’t eat for Winter“.  In it, he explains in detail, but not overarching, how to lose weight and maintain weight based on seasonal eating. In his own words

The DEFoW Diet is a type of Paleolithic Prescription. Nowadays, of course, famine is a rarity, so this talent is no longer advantageous. Don’t Eat for Winter suggests that it is autumnal foods, especially foods loaded with carbohydrates, in both starchy and sugary forms, that prepare us for winter by activating instincts and processes within the human body that encourage fat storage.  Nature used to moderate carbohydrates for us through the natural seasons, however, now that we’ve taken her out of the equation through modern storage facilities, preservatives, transport etc., we must take responsibility and moderate the consumption of carbohydrates in order to prevent chronic weight gain.

Applying this concept to my diet will be the next step. Seeing if my creativity and brain cognition will improve upon applying this lifestyle will be a very interesting aspect for me. You can purchase the book directly here. I’d highly recommend it!

Fuse:d 2017

This year also marks year two of our founding of fuse:d and its further development. We have some exciting line ups for the rest of the year, focusing on engaging the creative brain through inspirational videos. The  new series of evening gatherings are to see, share, discuss and collaborate on all things design. The date is the 27th April, 6.30, Fumbally Exchange, Waterford. All are welcome.

What I’m working on

I am currently working on a very large installation piece for a private client. The scale is enormous and will consist of a number of bespoke character designs across an exterior wall. The characters will be printed, not hand painted, so it takes any pressure off there. Nevertheless it will be the largest exterior illustration set I’ve ever developed.

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