Irish Graphic Designer and Illustrator


I have been working as a creative for over 18 years, 13 of those years have been with design agency Márla Communications, where I now run the role of Lead Creative. Illustration is always at the core of my development process. If I can use It effectively within a project then I do. Working in digital and traditional methods, I consider my illustration style to be quite loose but also detailed.

Digital Design:

Over the last number of years I have added numerous facets to my digital design armoury. Some of which include web design, animation and motion graphic development.


Graphic Novel Anthology: “Your own Personal Universe” – 6 page comic story submission published for Design Week 2008.

Self Published Graphic Novel Anthology: “Machines, Miracles or Magic?” – 6 page comic story submission self published for Design Week 2009.

Graphic Novel: “Curse of Cromwell: The Siege” – 32 pages. Publisher: Moccu Press 2010.

Graphic Novel: “War of the Two Kings” – 36 pages. Publisher: Moccu Press 2011.

Graphic Novel: “Plight of the Wild Geese” – 36 pages. Publisher: Moccu Press 2011.

Exhibited / Showcased Works:

Synth Eastwood 2008: “Your own Personal Universe” – 6 page comic entry.

Synth Eastwood 2009: “Molotov” – A2 poster exhibit entry.

Design Week 2009: “Machines, Miracles or Magic?” – Organised a one night event showcasing a self published graphic novel containing short stories from some of Ireland leading illustrators.

FTLO Castlepalooza 2010: “Modern Values versus Medieval Madness” – A2 framed poster exhibit entry.

HDR Waterford 2011: Solo exhibition of HDR photographs of Waterford City, exhibited at the Mayoral Office.

Le Cool Magazine:  Issue #193 “Gurrier’s Travels” Cover illustration number 1.

Le Cool Magazine:  Issue #194 “Gurrier’s Travels” Cover illustration number 2.

FTLO New York:  Exhibition on the 25th April 2014 in The Bottleneck Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. Exhibited piece “Spot the Tourist”.


Tipperariana Book of the Year 2010: Awarded for “Curse of Cromwell: The Siege”.

I am an Institute of Designers Ireland Registered Designer.

The Register of Irish Designers is an initiative set up by the Institute Designers Ireland and acknowledges the professional level of design education, practice, advocacy, research and achievements that exists within the design community in Ireland.

I am an original founder the fused:d design network.

fuse:d aims is to establish a design and business network to raise awareness of the profile and value that design adds to differentiate, compete, grow and inspire innovation in our communities.